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The RS Games Client

The RS Games client is a revolutionary game client that allows people to play games against each other through a central server hosted by RS Games. Unlike RS Games Monopoly, which was a single, standalone game, the RS Games client allows players to play multiple games. This means that when RS Games releases a new multiplayer title, you can easily start playing from the convenient client, without downloading any new software. Perhaps one of the coolest features of this new client is that it is cross-platform, that is, users of the Linux and Mac OS X operating systems can now enjoy RS Games Blackjack, RS Games Monopoly, RS Games Uno, RS Games Yahtzee, and any future multiplayer titles we release.
The RS Games Client makes use of a protocol we have created known as ZGP. You do not have to download any new software when we release a new title. Just login, select the game, and the sounds will automatically download. Once this process completes, you can start playing right away!


New Features in current version 1.61

This is a windows only update that fixes an issue where the client would sometimes not work with JAWS 16.

New features in version 1.52

  • Re-did network code for major speed increase
  • Re-did protocol parsing for additional speed increase
  • Login music
  • New features and Bug Fixed in Version 1.4


    Click here to read the RS Games Client Readme.
    Please note that the specific documentation for each game (such as Monopoly or Uno) is linked in the RS Games Client Readme.
    Please note that many updates we make to the games are posted on our Twitter, @rs_games. You may view these updates even if you do not have an account.

    System Requirements


    The RS Games client has been tested with Windows XP and later, and supports the following screen readers/synthesizers:


    Tested with latest version of Ubuntu and Vinux (Linux version updated November 2014). The following software/packages need to be installed: As of September 2013, we will provide a Python 2.7 build only. If you really need a Python 2.6 build, please contact us.

    Mac OS X

    Tested with 10.4 and up. To install, simply copy the rsg.app file from the disk image to your applications folder.


    If you have read the documentation, then please click the download suitable for your operating system.
  • Windows (.EXE)
  • Mac (.DMG)
  • Linux (Python 2.7): Linux (.ZIP)