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About Us

RS Games was started in late 2007 by Ryan Smith with the goal of creating freeware games for the blind. Their first project was a game called Guess The Voice. Being Ryan's first project, it was written in a simple language called JustBasic. The game would play different clips of speech synthesizers, and the object was to guess the name of the synthesizer. Since most programmers start with a guess the number game, Guess the Voice was a new concept for a first project. Guess the Voice was rewritten in Visual Basic 6 with the help of Michael Forzano. The new version included some enhancements such as randomization of the synthesizer voices heard.

In 2008, RS Games developed their first major game called Shoot Da Me, a bop-it style game in which you are hired by the FBI to take out a gang. The gameplay consisted of pressing the left, down, or right arrow key to shoot down a helicopter. The sound of the helicopters were panned in the stereo speakers or headphones, allowing the player to hear where the helicopter is, (left, center, or right). Over time, new versions of the game were released, adding features such as score posting to online scoreboards, opposite mode, a small side scroller, a 3D exploration level, and a boss. This game is currently available for download on our downloads page, although it is no longer being developed nor supported.

In mid 2009, RS Games teamed up with Michael Forzano and Jayson Smith and began development of a multiplayer version of the classic board game Monopoly. RS Games Monopoly was the first audio game of its kind. It allowed players to download a simple client and connect to a server to play Monopoly with other players from all over the world. All game data was stored on the server, allowing players to play from anywhere. There was a version of RS Games Monopoly for windows, written in Visual Basic .Net, and for the web, written in JavaScript. The game was released in December 2009, and instantly became a huge hit in the blind community, gaining a large player base as it spread mainly via Twitter.

Shortly after the release, Michael Forzano was interviewed on ACB Radio's Main Menu, a weekly radio show discussing assistive technology and software for the blind. Click here to listen to the January 9, 2010 edition of Main Menu. So popular was RS Games Monopoly that it was voted best accessible game of 2009 in the Blind Bargains Access Awards.

In February 2010, The RS Games team first had the idea that RS Games Monopoly could be turned into a full multiplayer gaming system, allowing players to not only play Monopoly but to play other similar games on the server, such as card games. The ZGP protocol was soon created. This universal protocol supports actions required to develop these types of games, such as sending messages, getting input from the client, and playing sounds. A new client, known as the RS Games Client, was written in the Python programming language. Unlike Monopoly, the RS Games Client is cross platform, working on Windows, Linux, and the Mac. The JavaScript web client was also adapted to work with the new system. The new RS Games Client allows new sounds to be downloaded when a game is released. Therefore, one does not need to download a new program whenever RS Games releases a new multiplayer title.

In September 2010, the RS Games Client was released, along with a new game, RS Games Uno. Monopoly was converted to use the new RS Games server and the old server was shut down. Uno was instantly popular, and was later voted best accessible game of 2010 in the Blind Bargains Access Awards, making RS Games a winner of the award for the second year.

In December 2010, RS Games released two more games running on the RS Games Server, Yahtzee and Blackjack. RS Games Yahtzee is the first online accessible Yahtzee game for the blind.

On February 21, 2011, Michael Forzano discussed RS Games on SeroTalk Tech Chat, a bi-weekly interactive podcast hosted by Serotek Corporation. Click here to listen to the podcast.

In June 2011, RS Games released two games, RS Games Battleship, a rendition of the classic board game Battleship, and RS Games 1000 Miles, an accessible version of a race simulation card game.

On December 20, 2011, to mark their second anniversary, RS Games released its latest title, RS Games Apples to Apples, a version of the popular party game. Thus far, the game has received much positive feedback from players.

RS Games is continuing to focus on making more card and board games accessible to the blind, as well as improving existing titles. Check out our Products Page to see what we have to offer. Our games are played and enjoyed by thousands of players, so if you haven't tried us out yet, we highly recommend that you do.

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